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  • Civil Law

    Civil Law

    Krapov and Partners has extensive experience and has worked with specialists in all fields of Civil Law. We specialize in...

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  • Securities


    We at Krapov and Partners have a long tradition in protecting investors’ interests; our attorneys have experience with providing legal...

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  • Patent Law

    Patent Law

    Patent law and Intellectual property has always been in the center of competences of Krapov and Partners law firm. We...

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  • Telecommunications, Media and Technology

    Telecommunications, Media and Technology

    Supporting the TMT sector is a key priority for "Krapov and Partners" and we have a dedicated TMT sector group...

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  • Administrative


    Our attorneys and associates have extensive experience in all matters of Administrative and regulatory law. In the field, we can...

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  • Mediation


    We believe that by promoting the principles of Mediation: confidentiality, impartiality, cooperation, possession of equal rights, and predictability of the...

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  • Tax Law

    Tax Law

    Tax Law is an important part of the work of Krapov and Partners. Our specialists and associates are well prepared...

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  • Commercial Law

    Commercial Law

    Commercial Law is an integral part of the law firm’s portfolio. We have invaluable experience in dealing with a variety...

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  • Real-Estate


    Perhaps the field of expertise that Krapov and Partners law firm is most competent in is the field of Real...

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