“Krapov and Partners” law firm executes professional legal practice regarding (but not limited to) administrative law, banking and finance, civil law, commercial law, corporate law, energy law, litigation, mediation, mergers and acquisitions, patent law, real estate, securities, tax law, telecommunications, media and technology, tourism law. We assist our clients in various administrative services on the territory of the country and abroad including but not limited to:

  • Advises and recommendations
  • Executory process
  • First legal aid
  • Legal consultation
  • Legal expertise
  • Participation in negotiations
  • Preparation of certificates and registrations
  • Legal documents, licenses and permits
  • Representation in administrative issues
  • Representation of interests
  • Legal protection in court (in front of state)
  • Mediation

Why choose us


We learn from the best

We adopt various practices from the top western law firms not only in our day-to-day operations, but also in our law firm culture. We focus on maintaining the highest level of professionalism and work ethics in combination with the western etiquette, atmosphere and behavior emblematic to law firms of the highest echelons.


We provide the best

We always strive to provide solutions and strategies structured for each of our client’s unique and individual requirements. Our experiences with cases of varying magnitudes and profiles have afforded us with the perspective to offer answers to even the most untypical of cases.


We work with the best

We work with outstanding professionals from all our fields of practice, both within the country and abroad. We seldom rely only on our own perspective for each of our clients’ cases and frequently use the valuable aid of such specialist outside the law firm.


We strive to be the best

For us the end result is what finally matters, the one that closest meets our clients’ needs, requirements and goals. We want our clients to know and feel that we accept their interests as our own and our top priority is to get the job done.